LUMEN Publishing requires that sources of financial support for the work reported within the manuscript are fully acknowledged, and any potential conflicts of interest noted.

LUMEN Publishing  requires for a statement about authors’ conflicts of interest,  for all manuscripts submitted to the Journal. Authors are kindly asked to disclose any possible conflict of interest on the title page of the manuscript. Any reported conflicts of interest will be published in a highlighted zone as part of the article. If no conflicts of interest are reported, the box will include the statement “No conflicts of interest have been declared”.
Possible conflicts of interest include financial interests relating to issues discussed in the manuscript (for example patent ownership, stock ownership, consultancies, speaker’s fees).


Authors are required to specify the sources of funding for their research when submitting a manuscript. These include the individuals and organisations that supplied resources for interventions as well as those that funded researcher time and other research costs. All sources of funding should be named and their location (town, state/county, country) included. The information should be provided on the title page of the manuscript and will be disclosed in the published article.

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