The Concept of Intelligence as a Multidimensional Attribute

The Concept of Intelligence as a Multidimensional Attribute

Lecturer Ph.D. Mihaela Amalia PETROVICI

The problem of defining the concept of intelligence has constituted the starting point for psychologists and not only. Are we born intelligent? Does intelligence acquire over time? These are only some of the questions they have asked themselves. The vagueness of the term’s significance has determined the psychologists to reorient towards more remote scientific fields of research which could lead to more and more interesting answers. The concept of intelligence commonly refers to the general mental capacities such as language, thinking, memory and perception but also to sensorial and moving abilities. A person’s intelligence quotient reveals its ability to analyse, rationalise and solve problems, as well as the individual ability to adapt to new tendencies and challenges that may appear in the course of life.
Given the complexity of the situations of communication, the scientists were determined to investigate other base abilities which every person possesses in certain amounts. The concept of intelligence covers different realities and constitutes the fundament on which multiple intelligence concept bases. Being intelligent means using others intelligence as well.

Keywords: intelligence, coefficient, capacities, abilities.