Social Causes of Drug Consumption amongst Teenagers

Social Causes of Drug Consumption amongst Teenagers
Francisc MAIER

Abstract: The article proposes to identify, on the basis of the consultation of the specialty literature, the factors which influence the consumption of drugs amongst teenagers, as well as the sense in which their main dimensions act. The studies performed on teenagers (Rascanu, 2008) highlighted amongst the internal causes of drug consumption: the curiosity, the temptation in the form of the “forbidden fruit mechanism”; the desire of high sensations; the lack of maturity/responsibility; personal problems, troubles, despair, loneliness, the lack of friends; boredom; the lack of some interesting preoccupations; emo girls /the need to stand out; and the external causes are: the ill-fated influence of the entourage, of the “fishy” group of friends, of the unfavourable family climate, the reduced educational and cultural level; the lack of information or skewed information with regard to drugs; the imitation of film models, from newspapers or magazines. The drug consumption is tightly related to life problems, to the questions and searching of the teenagers and young. The most important social entourages are: the family, the school and the group of entourage (friends, spare time).
So the drug consumption amongst teenagers represents one of the challenges with which the humanity has to confront, its direct and indirect effects designing it as a worrying phenomenon.
Keywords: drugs, teenagers, risk, family, friends, school, spare time.