Professionalizing Teaching Career

Professionalizing Teaching CareerCristina IORGA & Cosmina CONSTANTIN Abstract: Article aims to identify the degree of professionalism of the teaching career of educational institutions. The investigation was conducted using as a research tool – the questionnaire, it was applied to a batch of 27 teachers who have shown a willingness to supplement those 15 items. The research instrument had as objectives: identifying staff training to currently investigating professional interests and opinion on training and continuous improvement. Result of the investigation I found that teaching staff is interested in training, improvement, noting to be made on professional qualifications. The desire to deepen both the discipline is taught, and the use of IT tools in teaching. The professionalisation of the teaching career teachers is essential in my view, this will develop student performance in the field to carry out the activity. Although teachers interest and knows the importance of training, refresher see from this research that the main criterion for the choice of courses is the amount of fee. This criterion should be a warning for the organizers of these courses. We intend to expand nationwide research to obtain conclusive results on professionalizing teaching career.

Keywords: Professionalization; Teaching career; Training; Progress; Teaching staff.