Clothing: from “Subsistence Rights” to the Category of “Comfort and Well-being Rights”

Clothing: from “Subsistence Rights” to the Category of “Comfort and Well-being Rights”| Madalina Virginia ANTONESCU
Abstract: The paper opens a legal perspective on the complexity of human rights category identified as “subsistence rights” (such as the right to life, human dignity and freedom, right to health, right of a person to sufficient, nutritious food, right to drinking water and sanitation, right to adequate housing, right to basic medical care). We analyse, in this context, the development of international law regarding a neglected right (despite its vital importance for human existence as such): right to clothing. This right can be seen by academic scholars as a distinct right or, in other views, as an intrinsic part of the right to a decent level of life (the right to adequate standards of life). In addition, clothing is directly connected to the category of human rights named “rights of comfort and well-being”, together with the right to prosperity, right to development, right to benefit from cultural and technological innovations and progress or the right to continuous improvement in life conditions etc.).

Keywords: human rights, clothing, subsistence rights, rights of comfort and well-being, international law.

DOI: 10.18662/lumenss.2016.0501.01