The Journal aims to promote academic excellence in humanities. The journal addresses the academic community across the world, expressing its openness especially for promoting young researchers.

The journal has a disciplinary orientation being privileged positions from areas of :

  • philosophy,
  • cultural studies,
  • history,
  • religious studies,
  • art & architecture,
  • culture,
  • philosophy of language,
  • semiotics and sociology of culture,
  • linguistics
  • literature
  • ethics, etc.

The vision of our Journal is a global one, addressing the academic community, being published articles resulting from theoretical or empirical research. Articles resulted from theoretical and empirical research are subject to a peer review process.

The Journal is an open source journal and is available free of charge.

No copies in printed form will be distributed free of charge.

The Journal has a non-commercial attribution and no derivatives creative Commons License.

Covered in: Google Scholar; Index Copernicus; Ideas RePeC; Econpapers; Socionet; CEEOL;

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