The Era of Crowning the Woman, as a Feminine Era

The Era of Crowning the Woman, as a Feminine Era| Madalina Virginia ANTONESCU

Abstract: The present paper starts from a “gender relations” analysis to other explorations within the theological classic discourse (marked by the patriarchal pattern and by a marginality of woman condition, both as “Creator of values and civilization, of life and education”, and also, as a “positive presence, endowed with a personal, legitimate conception and discourse about the world, the gender relations and about herself”). We bring into attention challenging paradigms as “Feminine Era’, “Eon of Holy Spirit”, “The Era of Crowning the Woman” as tools for exploring modalities of surpassing the vitiated, obsolete pattern of patriarchalism and to search for real femininity, for real feminine values and ways of conceiving and transforming the world and the human being, the history, the theological discourse and the axiology. All these paradigms have as premise the woman as active, dynamic, creative, multi-dimensional, affirmative presence, capable and willing to enter into history and to shape it according to her perspectives and values. It is an Age of feminine dynamism and involvement in the private and public decisions, in the regional, national, trans-national and global decisions, in the theological, political, civilizational decisions, anywhere the patriarchal pattern exists. In this Era of the Woman, under the inspiration and the gifts of the Holy Spirit that is the Life Creating God, the feminine power is perceived as being construed in terms of love, care, protection of the underprivileged, marginalized, poor categories. Woman is taking the lead, by affirming her beauty, splendour and multi-dimensional ways of being herself, away from the limited and vitiated pattern of patriarchalism.

Keywords: Feminine Era; patriarchal pattern; women; human rights; gender equality; human dignity; equality.

DOI: 10.18662/lumenphs.2016.0401.03




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