Ontological and Semiotic Foundation of Virtual Ecology. An Overview

Ontological and Semiotic Foundation of Virtual Ecology. An Overview


DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18662/lumenphs.2015.0301.01
Virtual reality is now becoming a reality in which spends most of its time modern man. Virtual reality is an ontological and semiotic phenomenon. The ontology of virtual reality includes levels and topos deployment of virtual and defines the basic perceptual foundations of human interaction with it. Semiotic nature of virtual reality is that it is replete with various characters. Virtual Reality itself is a complex system of interrelated characters of different levels and types. Ontological and semiotic foundation of virtual reality allow us to formulate and rethink the basic contours of virtual ecology as a discipline of the harmonious interaction of man and his environment in a virtual-space information environment as circulation of signs and their impact on human rights. Modern ecological knowledge is closely linked to the question of philosophy and social theory can be drawn to the problems of virtual reality and the information space. Problems of the Internet of things could be considered in the approaches of the virtual environment.
Keywords: information technologies, virtual reality, virtual world, ecology, virtual ecology.



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